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Developing your Leaders

When people get to the top of their field, it can be hard to ask for help as it often hooks into our personal myths around weakness or fears of inadequacy. This is especially important in a fast growing company where new leaders are coming on board and current leaders are accelerating into new roles. 

Leadership Coaching will provide you with a system focus and team skills that can achieve transformation in your company. Leaders are at the heart of culture and organizations thrive when leaders are demonstrating the behaviors that influence outcomes.

As your coach, I will customize one-on-one personal and professional development opportunities for your emerging and seasoned leaders. This provides an excellent option for developing your leadership talent across your organization.

Leadership Coaching Includes…

  • Intake meeting with organizational sponsor to establish initial goals
  • A short assessment to gain a baseline of current strengths, opportunities for growth, values, and overall personal and leadership capacity
  • Exploration and reflection of personal journey that includes a review of the significant milestones in an individual’s life that may have helped shape their beliefs, values and, ultimately, behaviors and results
  • Assigned reading and real-time assignments that broaden an individual’s perspective about specific areas identified for change
  • Building the interpersonal skillset and emotional agility needed to lead and influence
  • Coaching training where appropriate
  • Intermittent follow-up meetings with sponsor, leader, and coach

Mabel Vonk, our transformational life coach, can help.  To help you find out more, we offer free 20-minute consultations with Mabel so we can get to know each other and suggest a path forward. We can meet in Guelph, or in an online setting.

Free no-obligation 20-minute consultation

...with the option to stay for a full session right after if you so choose.

We offer online, in-person and telephone coaching sessions and look forward to working together. You can also book your normal sessions online by clicking the button below.

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