Trauma Symptoms

Relief from Trauma Symptoms can greatly impact quality of life

Many people who suffer with symptoms of trauma identify that intrusive thoughts, flashbacks and overwhelming emotions impact on the quality of their life.

We have experience of trauma and healing from it in our own lives and we believe this gives us a unique insight into helping others.

We have lost relationships, engaged in angry outbursts, struggled with anxiety and depression and struggled to be present due to trauma and know how debilitating this can be.

Luckily we found many forms of therapy that have helped us and we studied these to better serve the people we work with.

How we help

We are trained in a variety of trauma informed therapeutic models you can choose which model suits you.

Trauma informed therapy can reduce emotional reactivity that leads to depression or anxiety that often accompany trauma.

Having Mindfulness skills can help people work with thoughts in a more skillful manner when they arise in the mind.


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We offer a down to earth, compassionate approach combined with scientific evidence-based therapy. Please feel free to connect with us to see if you think we are a good fit to help you with your life.