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Get individual support to help you with the process of making sense of life, emotions and relationships since the birth of your child. Postpartum counselling in Guelph & online.

Do you feel like every minute is a virtual rollercoaster of emotions since the birth of your child?

Do you feel it should be easier to adjust, that you must be the only mom struggling and no one told you how hard it really was going to be?

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed, depressed, anxious or sad, and struggle to make sense of these emotions?

Do you feel as if you lack purpose in your life? Have your relationships been impacted as a result of the increased stress?

No matter how joyous your baby’s arrival may be for you, it represents a major and potentially stressful life change. Pregnancy and childbirth also create several important biochemical changes in the body which can lead to postpartum depression. 

It’s not your fault, and you’re not alone. The team at Spacious Mind counselling can help support you through the process of navigating your life, emotions, and relationships after the birth of your child.

What is postpartum depression? 

Postpartum depression is a depression that comes on either during pregnancy or after childbirth. One out of every 7 women experiences PPD. It is different from the so-called “baby blues” because it lasts much longer and can be far more impactful on daily life. 

PPD can make it hard to take care of and bond with your child. While many mothers hesitate to focus on themselves or their needs after the birth of their child, the truth is that in this case, your health and safety have a direct impact on the baby’s health and safety.

What are the signs of postpartum depression? 

To determine whether you may have postpartum depression it can be worth checking these questions: 

  • Since the birth of your child, do you feel like every minute of your life has become a virtual rollercoaster of emotions?
  • Are you constantly blaming yourself, feeling it should be easier to adjust?
  • Are you afraid you may be the only parent who is struggling?
  • Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed, depressed, anxious, and sad? Are you struggling to make sense of these emotions?
  • Do you feel as if you lack purpose in your life?
  • Have your relationships been strained since the birth of your child?
  • Have you experienced changes in energy, sleep, or appetite?

Nobody told you how hard this could be. It is okay. While you should not self-diagnose, if you have answered “yes” to some of these questions then perhaps you should consider exploring whether postpartum counselling can help.

How can a counsellor help with postpartum depression? 

Postpartum counselling gives you a safe place to address the emotions, beliefs and behaviours that could be impacting your wellbeing. We can also teach you skills and tools for managing your stress as you adjust to the major changes the baby has brought to your life. 

Therapy can also help you build some confidence in your parenting skills. As you gain confidence, the parenting experience can become less stressful.

Get started today. 

Why should you trust Spacious Mind Counselling to help with your postpartum? 

Because we get it. Therapists Jane Kraft and Tanisha Hall have had personal experience with PPD, having had childen and suffered through the process themselves. They are passionate about supporting women as they work to make sense of the new normal and she has benefited from therapeutic supports during her experience as a parent. 

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