Family Counselling

Our Guelph & Brampton family therapists can help you resolve or accept differences and reach a better understanding of each other.


Are past injuries or unspoken issues causing tension in your family?

Do you feel stuck in how your family communicates?

Would you rather connect and spend quality time with your family rather than bicker and quarrel?

Families are full of differences – almost by definition – as well as tension, conflict, competing needs, and past traumas. All of those can lead to sticking points and seemingly never-ending difficulties.

Learning to communicate and hear each other with love and understanding is not an easy task when a prevailing “split the difference” or “go along to get along” environment creates the balance (or imbalance) between all the different needs of the family members.

That is where family therapy can help. A caring and compassionate person outside the family dynamic can help create a space that feels safe, where you can find new ways to interact.

Our family therapists are trained in how to help your family regain trust, communicate openly and heal from past traumas. If you would like to book a free consult, please reach out to us.

Ready to talk to us?

We offer a down to earth, compassionate approach combined with scientific evidence-based therapy. Please feel free to connect with us to see if you think we are a good fit to help you with your life.