Grief, Loss and Bereavement

Connection with a therapist means you don’t have to be alone when going through grief, loss and bereavement. Contact us for a complimentary 20-minute conversation.

The process of grief is often difficult to navigate through and can become complicated leading to feelings of being stuck with sadness that does not shift. Sometimes well-meaning friends and family don’t quite get what it is like and can struggle to offer the much needed support and understanding.

Do you feel as if you should “just be over it by now”? Feeling alone with the grief and loss does not help the healing process. If you are struggling with this process and feel you could benefit from talking to a trained, experienced therapist who has also struggled through this in their personal journey then please book a consultation with one of our therapists.

We offer a down-to-earth approach that comes from a deep place of care and knowing that each person’s experience is unique and deserves to be given the time and space needed to heal and grow.

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We offer a down to earth, compassionate approach combined with scientific evidence-based therapy. Please feel free to connect with us to see if you think we are a good fit to help you with your life.