LGBTQ+ Counselling

Counselling on LGBTQ+ Challenges, with Queer Therapists on-Staff

We understand how difficult it can be to live life with a marginalized gender identity or sexual orientation. We are here to provide compassionate, judgment-free support, and to help you navigate any number of challenges.  Several of our therapists and coaches here at Spacious Mind Counselling – including Gillian McCallum and Stacey Molengraaf– are queer-identified and others including Molly Molnar identify as strong allies having experience in, and are passionate about supporting clients in the LGBTQ+ community. We are an LGBTQ+ friendly practice in general, supporting both adults and youth as they work around or through any number of challenges, including a long list of challenges unrelated to one’s sexual identification.  You’ll work with therapists who understand your challenges.

Family Issues

Many LGBTQ+ people still face misunderstanding and sometimes hostility from their own families. Without support, that rejection can create poorer physical and mental health, often including depression and anxiety.

Though most of the research is centered on young adults, feelings of stress, shame, and unworthiness often accompany one further into adulthood, or can pop up later into adulthood. We help you on the pain and on painful memories. We help you create strategies for crafting a life you can be happy with, regardless of how your family chooses to act.

Stigma and Discrimination

Discrimination remains a daily reality for many LGBTQ+ people, and it has real-world consequences. Bi-sexual and trans people are over-represented among low-income Canadians. Hate crimes motivated by sexual orientation are some of the most violent hate crimes we see here in Ontario. It’s not uncommon to face verbal harassment or bullying. Though relatively rare, discrimination may even affect your ability to find safe, affordable housing. It’s not hard to see why many LGBTQ2S+ struggle with anxiety and depression.

Life Stresses for LGBTQ+ People

Ultimately, LGBTQ+ people are just people who deal with the same ancient and modern-day issues that everyone else deals with. Trauma can come from any number of other sources, of course.  Our team works on all kinds of issues, including relationship issues, issues with executive dysfunction, parenting challenges, ADHD support, neurodivergence support, and more. We help you build high self-esteem and manage negative thoughts and feelings so that you can function and live at your best.

Transitioning and Want Support?

Transitioning can come with a lot of anxiety, feelings of “imposter syndrome,” changing social roles and family dynamics, divorce or divorce risks, and career challenges. Dysphoria can temporarily get worse when a person turns around and confronts their trans identity for the first time.  Almost all transitions are challenging. But you can get the support you need to navigate yours until you feel like the healthy, confident person you were born to be.

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