Executive Coaching for Leaders

Is life currently resembling something like this: 

It’s going alright. You’ve sure achieved a lot.

Yet, it feels like something is missing

And while people recognize you, your accomplishments and the power you’ve grown into, deep inside you know things aren’t optimal.

Are you:

  • operating below your true capacity, bored and worried that one day someone will notice?
  • feeling like a fraud or impostor most of the time, as though it is the best way to prosper in this one life?
  • surrounded by friends and colleagues, yet you feel lonely and secretly disconnected?
  • over-extending yourself at work as other parts of your life have fallen away?
  • frustrated with your team because they aren’t “getting it” and things are taking too long?
  • noticing that the skills and capacity that got you here is no longer serving you well for where you long to go next?

You see, most people think…that when they have enough money, success, or recognition, they’ll finally be happy. The truth is…you can have everything you ever wanted but still feel empty inside.

And most people think…that success means no longer having to feel fear. Truth is…successful people head in the direction of their fear.

Work with Mabel to wake up excited again to take on risk and conquer your fears. To make it happen, no sweat – and experience prosperity in all areas and relationships in your life.

Mabel Vonk, our transformational life and professional coach, can help.  To help you find out more, we offer free 20-minute consultations with Mabel so we can get to know each other and suggest a path forward. We can meet in Guelph, or in an online setting.


“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mabel Vonk for 2 years. I’m a competitive athlete and business leader. I’m a firm believer that to be great we need teachers, mentors, and guides in life. For me, Mabel is all three. As I’ve focused on the changes I needed to make, to be the best at what I do, I knew I would uncover challenges within. Dealing with doubt and fear is not an easy task. It gets messy. Mabel has been there to help me see clearly through these experiences. Through being able to help me articulate my “why” to developing resiliency and dealing with the unknown, inevitable challenges that develop in people who are chasing their purpose. I couldn’t imagine doing this now without her. I would highly recommend anyone who is embarking on change or who needs a clear perspective from someone with a real gift, that you reach out to Mabel.” – Chris Costa (see review on Google Maps)

Free no-obligation 20-minute consultation

...with the option to stay for a full session right after if you so choose.

We offer online, in-person and telephone coaching sessions and look forward to working together. You can also book your normal sessions online by clicking the button below.