Live the Life you Deserve Rather Than a Life with Depression.

Do you miss having energy to do the stuff you need to?

Do you feel like you’re disappointing everyone and missing the opportunities that come your way because you just can’t force yourself to care?

Struggling to find enthusiasm for things that now bore you, but you know you used to like them?

We’re won’t be just another person in your life telling you to “get over it.” We’ve been there and know the deep, dark blackness that depression makes your life into.

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We have made the extremely difficult journey, unique for every person, to manage feelings of depression in our own lives.

We’ve been the guinea pigs to countless methods that SHOULD work but didn’t and can help you find the healing and strategies right for you and help you light your life up again.

Though you may feel at your darkest, like we have, we’ve learned that our client’s zeal for life is there waiting for them to reclaim it.

Nothing gives us more joy than to give you warriors looking for freedom from the weight that depression forces you to cary the right tools to properly go to battle and win over depression once and for all.

How do we do this?

We utilize evidence-based methods that have worked for ourselves and our clients and personalize them to your individual issues.

We explore depression from every angle and work hard to find the unique origins of yours and the location of your own trap door out of it.

We give you skills that put you on the path to getting the live you deserve rather than a life of suffering with depression.


Ready to talk to us?

We offer a down to earth, compassionate approach combined with scientific evidence-based therapy. Please feel free to connect with us to see if you think we are a good fit to help you with your life.