From Anxiety to Freedom during Covid-19

Not being able to sleep because you keep playing scenarios through your head that will likely never happen and just serve to torture you?

Are you sick of sabotaging your now for a future that your anxiety has stolen from you?

Having panic attacks at integral life moments, like job interviews or important dates?

Are you sick of worrying all day long, and making yourself sick from your worry?

If you’re tired of feeling unsafe, and want to give off more zen-chill-ed-out- vibes than hermit-in-the-woods-attacking-strangers-vibes, then you’re in the right place! WE are specially trained to support anxiety during covid-19.

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we have been there too. we noticed that our own anxiety spiked during the first weeks of the pandemic

We take anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia, and PTSD extremely seriously because we’ve been through it too.

We know the pain that comes from waking up every morning, if you slept at all (!), just waiting for the other shoe to drop. We found ourselves overloading on media and struggling to relax however we used the tools and skills we learnt from our training and got back on track.

We’ve been angry, frustrated, and aliented at times and can tell you that feeling mindful, calm, and in control is a much better feeling. 

How do we do this?

We focus on many evidence-based, extremely effective techniques to calm the limbic system and help you take back control of your thoughts. We have been trained in how to support people during crisis times like this pandemic.

Offering these services online provides us an ability to work together while you are struggling at home and we can see the anxiety in real time while treating it.

One of the strongest techniques we use are mindfulness based methods (such as MICBT, ACT and DBT) where we help your body and mind break free of being a prisoner of fight, flight, and freeze on a neurological level.  


Ready to talk to us?

We offer a down to earth, compassionate approach combined with scientific evidence-based therapy. Please feel free to connect with us to see if you think we are a good fit to help you with your life.