Learning Disabilities Counselling

Do you or your child seldom feel dialed-in?

Does most information you try to absorb seem like nonsense (even if it’s not)?

Do you feel your or a child’s learning difficulties have fallen into the gap – not a huge problem, but big enough?

​At Spacious Mind Counselling we help children, teens, and adults whose lives have been affected by learning disabilities or learning difficulties. These are neurological challenges that can impact the way a person perceives and processes information.

Therapy can help overcome many of the challenges associated with these disabilities and disorders. We can help teach skills for success, and help with the feelings of frustration and sadness that such struggles can provoke.

OCD Therapy

OCD involves unwanted, intrusive thoughts and behaviors that a person uses in an attempt to get rid of such thoughts or reduce distress.  In other words, it’s a compulsion, fixation, or obsession.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) can both help with these issues. These therapies can help you understand and manage the signals your brain are sending out, and the meanings you’re attaching to those signals.

Working with your therapist can help reduce the amount of disruption that OCD causes in your life, and can free up mental space and energy to pursue activities and thoughts that will make your life better, instead.

ADHD Therapy

Behavioral therapy helps children and adults create strategies that work with ADHD rather than against it. We can also help parents create a more ADHD-friendly life for their children to help their child learn, grow, and socialize more fully and comfortably.

We can help you manage distractions, develop strategies for setting schedules, and create routines that work for you.

We can also help with ADHD comorbidities like anxiety and depression. Cognitive behavioral therapy can be very helpful for reframing the ADHD experience and setting those who suffer with it up for success.

Executive Dysfunction Therapy

Executive dysfunction can manifest itself, at least on the outside, as “analysis paralysis” or seeming scattered or extremely disorganized to others.  Sometimes that is the result of an injury or trauma, but not always.  Both adults and children who have executive dysfunction can get better at managing the day-to-day tasks of their lives. Behavioral therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy are extremely effective for those issues, too.

Breaking assignments into small pieces, small rewards, frequent breaks, and compensating for working memory deficits are all ways we can help you live a successful, productive life. We’ll both help you cultivate the skills to manage your executive dysfunction and help you overcome the thoughts and feelings that might plague you as a result of dealing with these challenges.

Therapy for Other Learning Disabilities

While we can’t help dyslexic people become better readers directly, or help people with dyscalculia become better with math directly, we can help with the self-esteem and stress issues that can arise when you have or your child has a learning disability.

We can also refer you to local specialists who can help with the reading, writing, math, and other skills directly. We’ll be partners with you, your child, and other providers to ensure positive outcomes.

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Our team doesn’t boil you down to your learning disability. On the contrary, we’re focused on the whole person: ensuring that you can live your happiest, healthiest life, despite the challenges you face – and perhaps even in small or strange ways because of them.

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