​Dr. Kathryn Greenaway


My office address is:
21 Yarmouth St
Guelph, ON N1H 4G2

I see people in-person at our Guelph office as well as seeing people online throughout Ontario.

Phone: 519-836-1277
Email: [email protected]

Dr. Greenaway can offer many approaches to the therapy process always with the perspective that the client is the best expert on themselves. She’s a great believer in the demystification of psychology. Central to her work is creating strong relationships with her clients. Within that relationship she offers a safe environment in which clients can explore their lives.

Dr. Greenaway has developed a model of relationships and individual growth entitled CLARISTERY. It is a useful option for work with adults of all ages especially during transitional periods in life.

​Dr. Greenaway was born in Guelph but spent much of her younger years in the US and Switzerland. She has been a single mother, still has hope about her ballet career has a good, albeit dry, sense of humor. In short, she has a lot of life experiences and has lived through them all.

Dr Greenaway can help people with anxiety, depression, health anxiety, relationships and life transitions and has great experience in working with people over 55 years of age.


Compassionate mental health support for people that are feeling overwhelmed.