Online Groups Around Covid-19 and Parenting

Covid, Children and Motherhood Chaos Support Group

Are you struggling to maintain a balance while having your children at home during the pandemic?

Do you feel like you are missing your support network and can not get to give yourself the care you need and deserve?

As a mother of 2 little ones I get it. It is very very difficult at times. Fortunately I know that group support is something that helps and is available. This is why I want to offer other Mom’s a safe and relaxing space where we can support each other.

If you would like to join me and other Mom’s please send me your details below. I would love to connect with you to let you know more about this awesome support group.

It is a free/PWYC no obligation group that starts Tuesday 2nd June at 8pm.

Looking forward to seeing you then.

Jane Kraft MSW, RSW

How to Sign Up?

Contact us with your details and we will arrange a time that suits you to talk on the phone prior to the start date. 

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